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Things you need to know before your wedding makeup trial

On your day of the trial you may not achieve your final wedding day look, it is a trial after all.

How products perform does differ from face to face, it's worth keeping your makeup on till the end of the day and report back to your makeup artist if there are any tweaks you'd like to make.

If you're not a makeup wearer it can take the rest of the day to get used to seeing your self with makeup on and that's completely normal.

Sometimes you may just be unsure of exactly what you'd like, if that's the case check out your chosen artists social media for inspiration* and Pinterest. Also take your artists guidance where possible, they are the expert after all.

*Please don't use all other makeup artist's social media images, if their style differs from the artist you've booked it's likely neither you or your makeup artist will have the desired outcome.

Wear a white or light coloured top with a similar neckline to your wedding dress

This will help you visualise your look and start to see it come together. White or lights colours can wash some complexions out so made may find you can take a stronger blusher and lip combo.

Skincare routine -You'll thank me later

Skincare is key, I recommend either going to a dermatologists or researching a good routine for your skin type and skin concerns. Why not set yourself up with regular facial appointments in the lead up to the trial and wedding day, it's a lovely bit a time to yourself and time to destress.

To be brutally honest as makeup artists we can only do so much for making your skin glowing and bridal, w

e can cover redness and stress blemishes, however dry patches and texture can cause makeup to cling.

P.S. it never hurts to drinks lots of water, eat well and take your vitamins.


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